It is not surprising that many people already knew they were going to be entrepreneurs even before they finished their secondary school education or most times, their undergrad studies. Oftentimes, the early awareness of the pros and cons of entrepreneurship gives some aspiring and existing entrepreneurs an edge over others who go into entrepreneurship merely for the idea of being called a business owner or making profit. 


Sometimes, business owners are unable to bear the risks or losses their businesses incur overtime, which can be detrimental to the growth and profitability of their businesses. When this happens, most business owners tend to look for investors or seek employment opportunities in other organizations or companies to sustain their lives and businesses. To further increase the propensity of these investors taking a chance at your business, you will have to present them with your resume which better conveys your personal experience and achievements, this will help convince potential investors to fund your business. Having a stellar resume as an entrepreneur prepares you for great investment opportunities and partnerships with major stakeholders. It conveys your understanding of the business and a satisfying level of professionalism, which most investors may find appealing and worthy of funding or partnership. 


Furthermore, having a resume as an entrepreneur helps you keep track of your progress and gives you a chance to appreciate how far you have come and are willing to go. The satisfaction that the time and resources an entrepreneur has invested so far in his/her business has been productive is very complacent. 


In conclusion, my unpopular opinion is that every entrepreneur needs a resume, not just for unprecedented reasons, but to keep track of the growth  trajectory of their business.